A Comet Blazing In The Empyrean


catalog-nr. SPA005
title A Comet Blazing In The Empyrean
media digital
release 25/06/2020
info Everyone following SPA from the very beginning knows Belia Winnewisser, who contributed the track “I like Ferrofluid” to the label's initial compilation “Safe Needing Attention”. Belia from Lucerne (Switzerland) likes other things, too: Cute rubber figures, Northern woods and books about outer and inner travels, as well as whisking dancefloor-friendly drum structures, fieldrecordings and a healthy amount of drama in her music. After playing in several band projects (Evje, α=f/m, Silver Firs, Palus Somnii) and releasing her debut album “Radikale Akzeptanz” in 2018 with zweikommasieben magazine associated label Präsens Editionen, she proves her soft spots perfectly in five multisided tracks for SPA.
Written & produced by Belia Winnewisser
Mastered & cut by Helmut Erler at Dubplates & Mastering
Artwork by Kieran Kaul
Photo by Christine Kaul
SPA Recordings 2020


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