The Essence Of


catalog-nr. SPA013
title The Essence Of
media digital
release 01/07/2024
info Where does a person actually start to be themselves? For her third album, The Essence Of, Belia Winnewisser crawled into the rabbit hole in search of the origin of herself or of a certain kind of music. She found the origin of this, that, and then the origin of the origin, and then... No musical genre comes from nothing, no human being exists in isolation – these are the essences that the Zurich musician, after crawling out again into the clear light of day, was able to capture for herself. The Essence Of is a selfportrait that looks even further back into her own history than the previous releases. Memories of playful childhood days live on in moods and melodies drawn from the game Zelda. Impressions from movies and appreciations from life underpin the emotional layers of the seven (+1) tracks. Listening experiences across musical styles transport you to the UK of the early 90s or to quirky minimal floors 15 years later. And her most original musical experience is absolutely essential. Her voice breathes, floats, dabs and sings its way through the album and points deep inside. The Essence Of makes it clear: origins are not fixed places or points in time, but dynamic. The point at which something or someone begins shifts a little with every interpersonal encounter and every listen. The Essence Of is Belia Winnewisser's first album for the Cologne-based label SPA, on which she has already released the EP A Comet Blazing In the Empyrean (2020) and the track I Like Ferrofluid (2019 part of the compilation Safe Needing Attention).


releases July 1, 2024

Written, recorded and produced by Belia Winnewisser
Postproduction: Phillip Jondo
Mixed by Manuel Sékou
Mastered by Isabel Schröer (scape mastering)
Artwork: Sabrina Zeltner
Text: Friedemann Dupelius
Released on SPA


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