catalog-nr. SPA012
title BISQU EP
media vinyl+digital
release 22/04/2024
info DJ Plead, Phillip Jondo and Xzavier Stone join forces in a collaborative EP that not only signifies the birth of a profound friendship and creative alliance but also traces the roots of their interconnected musical journey. Crafted over several years, this body of work was meticulously shaped through both remote collaboration and sessions held in Xzavier Stone's studio in Zurich. As the trio delves into their mutual musical passions, they skillfully weave together influences from contemporary club music, 00s club rap, and intricate syncopated drum work, creating a sonic tapestry that resonates with innovation and shared artistic vision.

BISQU EP assembles five tracks across a range of tempos, ranging from oily millennium dancehall with a tight massage grip around the spine to bass-heavy hip rocking bouncers. Three tracks produced between the three of them and two more labs that originated between Jondo and XZA.
released April 22, 2024

Written & Produced by Xzavier Stone, DJ Plead and Phillip Jondo.
Mastered by Modulaw.
Cut by Dubplates & Mastering, Berlin.
Artwork Design by Kieran K.
Additional Sticker by DJ NJ Drone.


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